• abdominoplasty-surgery


Abdominoplasty surgery is the correct terminology given to the procedure we commonly refer to as a ‘tummy tuck’. It is a cosmetic procedure that is used to make the tummy area appear firmer. During the procedure the surgeon will remove excess skin and fat from the middle and lower abdominal area which in turn tightens the muscle and fascia of the stomach. The procedure is most commonly undertaken by woman, often following pregnancy where the skin tissue has been loosened, or by women who have lost a significant amount of weight and now have loose skin tissue on the abdominal area.

There are actually different types of Abdominoplasty surgery and they can be split into categories. A complete Abdominoplasty will take between 1 and 5 hours whereas a partial Abdominoplasty will take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours and involves only a ‘mini-tuck’.

During a complete Abdominoplasty incisions are made from hip to hip and around the navel. The skin is then detached from the abdominal wall and he muscles tightened using ‘sutures’. Any excess skin and fat is removed which helps with the tightening of the abdominal area. Liposuction will also often be used to refine the altered areas of the stomach. Finally excess fluid is drained from the site and a compression garment may be applied.

With a partial Abdominoplasty a smaller incision is made. The skin and fat are removed from the abdominal wall in a much more limited fashion and the skin will be stretched downwards and any excess removed. Sometimes the muscle fascia wall is tightened though this is not always the case. Again liposuction is used on the transition areas.

Additionally, it is also possible to have an extended Abdominoplasty in which the thighs or sides of the body may also be treated.

A full recovery from Abdominoplasty surgery can take between 3 and 6 months as well as time for any scarring to fade. The cost of the procedure varies greatly but as a rough guide is between 2,500 and 10,000 pounds.